Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gimme a Break!

I am having a moral issue with my dishes.  At least one of my dishes.  This dish:

This dish has been sitting on my counter all week.  I can't throw it away and I can't in good conscience put it back on the shelf.  This is why:

Can you see it?  It's a hairline fracture.  But, when I set it down, you can hear it about to break.  It grinds together. 

I can't put it back in the cupboard knowing it's just going to break as soon as heat is applied or someone puts any weight on it.  I can't throw it away because - technically - it's not broken yet.

And I've tried to "fix" the situation.  I've repeatedly lifted the plate a couple inches and let it drop.  Nothing, except that when I left it up again to check, I can see the small space between the fracture on the lip of the plate.

Then I try to drop it again, and nothing.  I can only drop it from so high before I know it was more than "accidentally on purpose" that it truly broke.

These are the mind games I play with myself and which Mike must contend with.  I'm hoping he knows that it needs to just mysteriously disappear from the countertop.  No questions will be asked.


Carol said...

I can come over and make it disappear for you.

Sue H said...

I would feel like bacteria could linger in the crack. Then I would have no trouble throwing it away.

Sheri said...

Let it go Kerry, just let it go.