Friday, October 29, 2010

A Silly Reward

Last night was Maddie's conferences and they were great!  Jake's were a couple weeks ago and his were great too.  I'm not surprised because it's what we expect and they know that.  But that doesn't make us any less proud of them!

So, to celebrate we went to Chipotle (their choice) for dinner and afterward we went to Michael's.  I offered for them to get a little treat for their efforts.  I offered Silly Bands.

Ever heard of these?  Jake is in love with them and has been dropping hints like mad.

"Mom...aren't silly bands soooo cool?"
"One of my friends just showed us his new silly bands...they are sports shaped."
"If I were ever to get silly bands I would totally get the ones that are sports themes.  Especially baseball."

On and on.  He's so subtle.

Now, I have avoided these as long as possible.  I just thought there had to be something better I could spend money on.  I don't know what that would be for $2.50 but I figured something had to exist.  Mike just rolls his eyes when they are mentioned.  He's not a trend-guy.

Then I thought back to all the stupid things we "had to" have.  The major one that pops into my mind (and good grief...I'm dating myself at this point...) are the charm necklaces.  My mom and dad are rolling their eyes right now remembering these things, I'm sure.

(image from

I mean...if ever there was something that was a pure waste of money?  (Though I think Tracy had a toilet where the seat went up...that might have brought us many giggles.)

Anyway, I thought the kids would enjoy these and be surprised.  Turns out, Maddie's not a huge fan; I think they are a little out of her age range.  She ended up with a book.  Shocking.  But, she was happy.

Jake - this kid was thrilled.  And his first pack he picked out...WESTERN!  What?  After we heard about the sports bracelets for a solid week?  When I told him he could get a second pack, he went right for the sports pack.  This took no less than 20 minutes to choose between all six different collections.

I don't understand them.  You can't tell what they are.  But they bring pure happiness...

In one form or another to everyone.

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