Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mother of the Year Nominee

Winter slapped us in the face this morning.  Crazy winds that are supposed to combine to make around 20 degree windchills today.  I turned on the light to let the dog out and we saw we also had flurries.

Being the nurturing soul that I am, I took the kids' winter coats out and threw each child's coat into the dryer for about 15 minutes before they left.  Both kids basked in the warmth as they headed out the door and thanked me profusely for thinking about them.

I did not use it to distract them from that moment when they put the jacket on and realized with their noses that I hadn't washed them after being stored all winter.  Nope.  Not the reason at all.

In other related news, I thought I was done with laundry this week, but just realized I had one more load.

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