Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girls' Night IN

Last Friday Maddie, Tracy and I participated in Shakopee's "Girls' Night In". It was an evening filled with a bunch of activities to choose from and we made the most of our night!

We started out decorating t-shirts. It was fun to come up with our own special designs, though Maddie was disappointed that she didn't have some scratch paper to jot down some ideas first before just diving into the project - my little perfectionist!

Next we took some time for dinner. Sub sandwiches, chips and a delicious cookie - the best part of the meal. After this it was non-stop entertainment!

We managed to hit the cupcake decorating station at one point. This was very fun and I have no idea what kind of icing we used, but it was pearly looking and extremely runny. Maddie piled on everything she could, Tracy had a Halloween theme going (she's our resident artist!) and I tried to make "Frog's Birthday Cake" from the Word World cartoon....a miserable representation though, so I just added our initials. Clearly I am NOT the resident artist!

We also took some beginning baton lessons - thankfully no one was injured in this process. We took it upon ourselves to try to throw the baton in the air and clap as many times as possible. Note: we were in the hallway of the school - a mere 8 feet, I think, of baton throwing distance. Tracy came in with the most with six claps, I believe. I think we did all manage to get to five claps eventually. I'm telling you...we've got skillz.....

We did manage some jazzercise. I can't say I was totally wanting to participate here after having worked out that morning and then chowing down a cookie and cupcake, but Maddie was gung-ho so off we went. And, as has been proven in the past, I have absolutely no rhythm when it comes to these things. I think we should ALL be thankful that no photos or videos were taken during this time.

Amidst all this we participated in getting our pictures taken. Beforehand you could do each other's hair. Now, I'm not totally certain who came up with this brilliant idea (my money would be placed on Tracy) but we decided to do wacky hair for the pictures. So, we got to work styling each other's hair. Only moments before Maddie had commented how she's never had her picture in the paper. Suddenly this lady was taking our pictures and I jokingly said, "Watch Maddie, THIS will be the picture that appears in the paper of you!"

Be careful what you wish for! This appeared in this week's edition of Shakopee's paper.....I heard Maddie bellow from downstairs, "MOM!!! WE ARE IN THE PAPER!!!" Turns out the lady WAS from the paper and was laughing right along with us at how zany our hairdos were getting!

Tracy and Maddie in all their glory. Luckily it was just my hand - at that point though my hair was normal so it wouldn't have been terrible. However, to show you how truly crazy we all looked I'll reveal the final shot - beard and all....

Just to show that we really do have SOME style, here's our "nice" picture....both are proudly displayed in Maddie's room!

The evening concluded with Maddie having her face painted by Tracy with her patented "sun face". How many people do you know that get their faces painted by laying their head on a table? This was serious art. Actually, more like really poor quality drawing supplies. Tracy took no responsibility for her prized "sun" not turning out as great as they usually are.

Despite the crazy zaniness - or because of it, it was a successful night and a fun time with the girls!

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missy said...

sounds like it was a funtastic day. Great pictures of the three of you. Nice hair. so was it like a lock-in evening.