Friday, December 19, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

Sunday morning was the kids' Christmas program at church. Mike and I and my parents seated ourselves near the front and the comedy program began.

When we arrived this is what our children looked like. Please note:

Jake's shirt is a little big but 1) his shirt usually comes untucked - I figured there was no way that could happen with this one and 2) it was the only shirt remotely close to his size that I could find two weeks before Christmas.

The program was titled "Hats off to Christmas" and basically it involved all the different manger scene players finding hats for themselves. They had a lot of songs to learn that were fun to listen to. And who can resist a giggle or two when all the preschool girls in the front are twirling and lifting their dresses instead of singing?

During one portion of the play I mimed to Jake to fix his collar - it had flipped up. Suddenly - Ploop! - off comes the whole tie. Then he was unbuttoning his collar buttons and all I could think was, "Please stay dressed. Please stay dressed." He finally did manage to get the tie replaced...then it was his scene with all the shepherds.

Classy. I've realized I could buy him a shirt that reached his knees and he'd still get it untucked. The tie placed two buttons down his shirt adds that extra flair. Note to self: no more clip-on ties.
But we weren't finished yet - suddenly Jake had to find his hat....

As Mike is lowering himself into the pew he leaned over and said, "Geez....he looks like he hit the tequila a little hard last night!" I practically have tears running down my face from trying not to laugh and I looked at my mom who was in the same predicament. We've decided it's a bad idea to sit so close at these things.

Maddie managed to redeem the Murphy name when she and another girl sang a lovely song together. They really did have a nice sound and I'm planning on recruiting them to sing in the near future.

Mike and I ambushed Jake as he left the sanctuary and put him back together. I trust God has a sense of humor.

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