Friday, October 30, 2009

Room to Play

I really like our guest room.  It's one of the few rooms in the house that I actually decorated some. 

I originally intended for it to be very tranquil with some light blues and tan colors.  Kind of beach mood stuff without the seashells.

But then I saw this pillow and really liked it.  Then I found some paint colors that I liked way better than light blue/tan.

I bought a plain quilt that I figured would be useful for years to come even if I decided I no longer liked the accent wall colors or this pillow.  I found some extra pillows at TJ Maxx for very cheap.

I knew we wanted an iron bed.  I think they are very pretty.  IKEA had one, but it looked like it was going to break if anyone sat on it.  Then we found this one and I absolutely love it.

Accessories?  There aren't many.

I found this at TJ Maxx as well.  I really like iron-work I've realized.

We've never actually lit the candles, but they look pretty.

I took these pictures outside our house.

Mike and I were trying to find a lamp for the bedside table (which we already had and just covered with a cloth and some glass).  I was shocked when Mike pulled out this lamp.  It was a lot more than either of us intended to spend on a lamp that sits in a room that gets used twice a year, but we really liked it.

And this chair?  We bought this for Maddie's nursery.  I wanted an actual rocking chair.  Everyone tried to convince me I should get one of those glider things that were so popular then.  But it was the one thing I was certain of; I wanted a rocking chair.


I'm not a terribly sentimental-must-save-everything type of person.  Neither is Mike for that matter.  But, I don't think I'll ever sell this chair.  I love it.  Something special from when we had babies.  That and I think there are still some residual baby spit spots I cannot remove to save my life.


But as I mentioned, we get visitors maybe once or twice a year.  Mike or I occasionally sleep in there if we are sick or if someone is snoring too loud.  I've mentioned to Mike that maybe we should transform the room into something we actually use.

Problem solved:

G.I. Joe has taken it over.  Mike recently gave Jake all his G.I. Joe toys from when he was little.  His mom had saved them for him.  Jake and Maddie have made this command central.

It includes the lego towns they have built with "scrap legos" as they call them.

So now when guests come over we will have to clean it out.  But maybe we'll just leave a little bedside accessory for them....

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