Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween '10

This year Maddie and her friend dressed as twin rag dolls. 

The only difference was their hairdos.

Her friend's hair was black with purple streaks.  It was also in two braids.  Maddie wanted her hair straight.  However, she is very much not used to straight, LONG "hair".  Mike said she had taken off the wig during trick-or-treating because it kept blowing in her face and she was getting annoyed. 

And I'm kicking myself for not getting their pictures together.  We were going to when they stopped at our house to get candy, except the rest of their group took off and we didn't want them to get behind.  They were pretty cute scary.  They were going for scary...

Jake's costume was a little more troublesome this year, but luckily it all fell into place.  He originally was going to be the banker from "Monopoly" which was awesome because all we needed was a top-hat and to make a mustache/goatee.  We were about to purchase the top hat when I knew something in his voice was wrong.  He told me he thought he should be a viking instead.  Five days before Halloween.  So, as we searched high and low looking for a Viking costume (and I don't mean the football team costumes...) I suggested he come up with a back-up plan.  He said a soldier would be a good backup.

Well, hallelujah!  Soldier we can do!  Until I realized we had sold off almost all Mike's army stuff in the last couple garage sales.  Luckily when Mike got home from Chicago last Friday he found a bag of stuff he had saved in the attic that I didn't know about.  Inside was an old t-shirt, a hat, and a rag of some kind. 

Jake informed me that army men don't smile in their pictures.  I knew this all too well; it really irritated me when we took group shots all those years ago.

As for the camo?  I don't know if Jake was more excited to wear it or if Mike was more excited to apply it.  They were both in their element.

And the greatest thing?  They got to wear their costumes twice!  Saturday night our friends had their annual Halloween party.  Mike and I didn't get there until late - we came dressed as wedding crashers.  Maddie and Jake had a blast there though!  I know this because the first words out of their mouths when we got home were, "That was the best party ever!"

Now my stomach's to steal some candy.

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