Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catch Up

It's been a bit since I last posted.  We've been running around or not running around.  Whatever the reason, this blog has taken a backseat, so here's our week in review:

1.  Happy Birthday.  Again.

The kids had Friday off due to the end of the first quarter.  Because Mike's birthday fell on a Tuesday (a crummy day for a birthday) he took Friday off as well and we had a day to celebrate him.  We ran a couple errands and returned and/or purchased new items for his birthday.  Then in the afternoon he decided we should play ball.

We headed to the baseball diamond where we each got to hit some balls a few times.  Mike informed us we each got five hits before we switched.  I asked what the prize was for getting the most hits and he informed me it was just for fun.  Bah. 

I don't know if you can see her stance, but Maddie stood hands on hips for 90% of her field time.  She wasn't overly enthused to run after the hits.

Afterward we headed home where we played two-on-two basketball.  Girls against the boys.  I honestly don't remember the score...actually it was "just for fun" so I don't think we kept one.  But, I have no pictures because I couldn't stop guarding my man for fear of getting left in the dust.

After that we played a round of volleyball in a circle.  Our goal was to hit the ball between us 10 times.  But, we had to get to an 11th hit to make the 10th legit.  This took awhile.  The kids declared we couldn't go to dinner until we'd made our goal.  Finally, Mike popped up #11 and I was so stunned that we'd reached it I forgot to hit it for #12.  Exhausted and starving, we were able to go to dinner at Champps. 

Next up was hitting Cub where Mike requested a Boston Creme Pie because he liked the one on my birthday.  However, they were out.  After I almost started crying in the bakery section, the nicest lady came out and offered to just make one on the spot for him.  Caroline is my new favorite baker at Cub.  It was delicious!

2.  The Shingles

This wasn't really part of last week, but I keep forgetting to update it.  Back story:  our roof sucked.  It was made with biodegradable shingles.  Awesome.  Over the last three years they have broken down, warped, curled and lost most of the pebbly stuff on shingles.  Every single day we were sweeping up piles of this stuff dragged in from students or kids.  Think I'm exaggerating?

Here's an example of a shingle that was found on the ground:

This is what our roof looked like:

When Mike was in Chicago a couple weeks ago we had our roof redone.

They did a great job and even took my garbage down on Friday morning when I completely forgot! 

The results:  LOVE it.  And we LOVE that we don't have nearly the amount of sweeping inside to contend with!

3.  Skol, Vikings!

On Sunday Maddie attended her first Vikings game.  She got a shirt for this special occasion.  Just to note: she knew nothing about football; less about the Vikings.  She wasn't sure who #28 was - just that the shirt was cute and sparkly.  (That's my girl!)  We assured her #28 was a good number to have.

She had an awesome time.  She said football games were way more fun to attend than baseball games!  This was a great game to attend - and will probably be hard to live up to in the future.  The Vikings managed to tie the score in the last eight minutes of the game and it went into overtime where they won.  Mike came home hoarse.  Maddie came home slightly embarrassed.  She said the little five year old in front of them kept turning around and staring at Mike and, in her words, "looking at him like he was crazy."  Mike said the entire place was insane.

Good memories for both.  Jake heads to a game in early December and I finally get to go in late December.  Mike's the lucky guy attending all three, but he definitely deserves them!

That catches you up.  Until next time!

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