Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dry Run

This year we are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever.  Translation: we have never cooked a turkey.  We've never thought about how to cook a turkey.  We've never even purchased a turkey.

So, while discussing our options Mike and I rolled around the idea of him grilling it.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  I think you should grill the turkey.  I was thinking rotisserie.
Mike:  Okay.  What recipe should we use.
Me:  I have no idea.  That's your job.  Just let me know what you need me to pick up from the grocery store.

So, over the course of last week he narrowed down the options and we actually did both sit together to figure it out.  We figured we didn't like any of them and he searched again.  That resulted in a recipe for a paste that went in, under and around the turkey the night before.

Just from the paste, our kitchen smelled delicious.

And for those lucky enough to be here on Thursday...here's a preview of what the bird will look like:

Please keep in mind: this was used with a flash.  It doesn't have near the glare in real life.  It was beautiful in color and once we sat down to dinner, it tasted great too.  I made sweet potatoes because I've only made those once.  Mike and Maddie loved those; Jake and I will be dining on the regular potatoes come Thursday.

And for a special treat for my family, today I tried making these from scratch...

Anyone recognize them?  These are my grandma's "Butterhorn Rolls" that she made for every holiday meal.  They were placed next to the lefse.  These were extremely delicious.  Except her rolls looked like cresent rolls - not little Michelin Men.  But, whatever, I think they are edible - Mike passed them.  In the future I'll make some tweaks, but I don't anticipate that happening before Thursday.

As for Thursday's bird?

Step one is well underway.  19 lbs. of goodness will be heading to the grill on Turkey Day.  And don't worry -we know this bird will fit on the spit.  I was the crazy lady with the measuring tape at the turkey freezer measuring their diameter.

The grill will be moved a mere step - literally - away from the back door.  Thursday's forecast calls for snow and for it to be one of the coldest Thanksgivings in 40 years according to the meteorologist a few days ago.

I think we'll be drinking spiked cider.  I'm pretty sure Mike will, at least.

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The Pats said...

It all looks delicious and good luck in the cold weather too!

Happy Thanksgiving!