Saturday, November 27, 2010


1.  PASS:  We survived hosting our first Thanksgiving.  Actually, everyone survived; we didn't hear of any stomach poisoning so we are considering it a success.  The turkey was delicious - the dry run was a good thing.  We learned we had to find a recipe for a gravy that didn't require turkey drippings.  Mike did not freeze heading in and out on the deck all afternoon and Jake was co-grilling so it couldn't possibly have gone wrong.

2.  FAIL:  I didn't take a single picture the entire night.  I WILL take pictures next year.  I'll have my new camera by then if I have to scrimp and save every last penny that crosses my sweaty palms.

3.  PASS:  We have no more leftovers.  Last night my parents came over and helped us finish off the remaining amount of food.  The kids were excited because we left the tables up in the family room so they were able to eat in there.

4.  FAIL:  My third dessert was going to be cheesecake.  I was being selfish in making this because I do not like apple or pumpkin pies which happened to be what the other desserts were.  After the mad rush from 11am-Noon in getting everything started cooking, I was talking to Mike and saying how excited I was to eat cheesecake....CHEESECAKE!!!  I had put it in the oven to cook for 10 more minutes and suddenly realized - at least 30 minutes later - that there was still a cheesecake in the oven.  Needless to say it was hugely overcooked.  I pulled it out yelling, "What happened to my timer!?!" and threw it on a cooling tray and issued some choice words (right after I checked to make sure Jake was gone).  I ended up going to our room, slamming the door, and sitting there for 10 minutes to cool down.  When I realized life was going to still go on, despite my not getting dessert that night, I went downstairs and threw it away.  I'm still trying to decide if it was a good decision on Mike's part to ignore me during this time.

5.  FAIL:  I have tried in every conceivable way possible to drop hints to Mike that I didn't get any dessert for the last two nights when everyone else did.  He has ignored them in every way possible.  I have until Sunday night, then it's back to eating sensibly.  There better be some freaking ice cream in this house before then, is all I have to say.

6.  PASS:  Mike and I did the "Black Friday" shopping thing.  We really only had one item to get and that store didn't open until 8am so we didn't have to be up crazy early.  It was also a tiny store and there were maybe 20 people in line outside and they opened 10 minutes early.  We were in and out in under 10 minutes. 

7.  PASS:  The kids did not kill each other all morning or explode the house while they stayed home and we were gone. 

8.  FAIL:  The kids did not do the dirty dishes while we were gone.

9.  PASS:  We are going to be buying a new mattress today.  You can actually feel the springs in our current one when you lay or sit on it.  I think if we have this one any longer I will require hip replacement.

10.  PASS:  I am looking forward to the large bowl of ice cream I'm planning on eating at some point today.  At this point it will have chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and maybe a little cool whip on top.

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