Sunday, November 28, 2010

We Have Found Jesus

Last night we spent the evening putting up our Christmas decorations.  Mike and the kids were working on the tree and lights.  I was upstairs putting things on shelves and banisters.  Everything was running smoothly.

After we all worked together to put up the ornaments, we started packing the boxes back up and I realized there was a nativity scene that I had forgotten to set out.  It's a nativity scene I picked up in Mexico when I was a sophomore on a high school band trip.

I just love these little figures.  Year to year I question what Joseph is wearing.  Is that a sweater and khaki-type pants?  Which one is Mary and which ones are the kings....they're all wearing turbans.  Whose the kneeling girl with the miscellaneous animal?  Is that Mary?  Consequently each year this manger scene is set up a little different.

This year was turning out very different because as you can see - a key piece was missing.

Mike came upstairs and I said, "We are missing baby Jesus." 

After that it was probably just a comedy of errors as we all tried to find Jesus.  Mike yelled downstairs for the kids to "Start looking for Jesus."  "Make sure the dog didn't eat Jesus."  "Where's Hay-soos?"

My favorite was this:

Jake: Mom, I know I saw Jesus when I was unpacking those figures.
Me:  Are you sure, Jake?  Baby Jesus?
Jake:  Mom - I'm sure.  I saw the little dude.
Me:  The blue baby in a tiny manger?
Jake:  Oh.  No.  I saw the big dude with a cane.

He referred to a completely different nativity set in both size, scale and participants.  And clearly we have to work on the Bethlehem story when he's describing a shepherd or Joseph as compared to baby Jesus.

We were down to our last box of newspapers and miscellaneous packing bags.  I was starting to get a little nervous when Mike held out his hand and there in the newspaper was the upside down baby Jesus.  We all started getting a little Baptist at that moment, "We have FOUND Jesus!" "Here's Hay-soos!"

His is the only placement I'm certain of each year.  But to avoid frustration next year we'll have to double-check that all parts are packed in the same box. 

The "other dude" will have to go in a different box altogether.

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