Thursday, November 18, 2010


This morning I got dressed quickly and was out the door earlier than normal due to a lot of errands I wanted to get done before lunch.

I drove to Edina, which for those not from around these parts, stereotypcially is one of the more affluent communities.  I happened to be shopping in one of the areas that has - stereotypically - a more upscale clientele.  Stereotypically they probably don't do 90% of their shopping at Target and Kohl's like I do each week and where I just happened to pick up a super-cute pair of jeans on the cheap.

I ran to four different stores there.  One being in a large mall where, as an example, there is a baby store that sells teeny-tiny baby sweaters for around $90.  You get the idea?

I was extremely proud of myself for getting my errands run and even making it to the grocery store to pick up some items for our turkey-day-dry-run happening tomorrow.  I also got to the liquor store to pick up more items for next week.

I walked in the kitchen just as Mike was finishing up his lunch and getting ready to head downstairs for some meetings.  As he walked away I heard him say, "Kerry..." then I heard him chuckle.  I looked at him with a distressed face wondering what I possibly forgot on his list.

He reached down behind me and pulled off the 12 inch long sticker stating what size jeans I had bought from Kohl's. 

As stated: classy.


Carol said...

Oh, you were just advertising where they should shop! We've all been there.

Sue H said...

Takes me down memory lane to a work day when I wore a new sweater with one of the round, clear "XL" stickers in a most unfortunate place on the front. Pat asked me, "Bragging?" so embarrassing....

Sheri said...

Ugh!! Been there done that too. I don't think they put those stickers on jeans that cost over $50.00. lol!!