Tuesday, December 30, 2008

7 is heaven!

December 28th was Jake's 7th birthday! He's been very excited about his big day coming up and after we'd been awake only a few hours on Christmas morning he asked if he could open his birthday present from Grandma Murphy. I informed him that it was Jesus' birthday - and that Jake would have to wait his turn.

So, we had a little party for him on the 26th at Grandma's house. He got a cake and some trick candles that Mike had him stop blowing on for fear that he would actually just start spitting on the cake.

He got to open the first of his birthday presents and wasn't disappointed. He's very excited to put his new football to good use and is trying to decide what to get with his new Barnes & Noble gift card.

Sunday morning we opened Christmas gifts and a few hours later...we started celebrating Jake's birthday. This poor kid is going to be so confused growing up. Some years he opens gifts ON his birthday, other years after, other years before, during, and after...his wife is totally going to blame us when he thinks his birthday is a week-long celebration! (And...he's already asking when his "MN family party will be" as well as when his "friend" party will be!)

But, now he's in the process of building his Indian Jones jungle chopper. It comes with Lego-spiders. Awesome.

He chose to head to Applebee's for dinner because they would "sing really loud to him there." We had discreetly informed the waiter about his birthday and Jake kept asking through dinner if they would know to sing to him. And at the end of the meal...as if by magic...there was everyone singing the happy Applebee's song. Birthday mission accomplished.

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