Saturday, December 6, 2008


Friday night Mike and I hosted our annual "500" Neighborhood Card Party. This was our fourth year and each year we figure out something to make it run a little smoother.

With the basement finished we were able to invite a few more people and ended up having 8 full tables! There were tons of people here, but we had such a good time! We have fun getting this ready and it's the one time of year that we make my grandma's eggnog recipe. So, Thursday night found us (mostly me since - we're getting better and more streamlined with this after four years too...) making eggnog late at night. This isn't a "buy-from-the-store-add-liquor" recipe. This is the real thing, people! Fresh eggs that are separated, heavy cream (extra whipped by you!), 1 quart brandy, 1 quart whiskey - and the kicker "for taste" as my grandma told me - 2 oz. Jamaican rum. I'm not sure how I'm tasting 2 oz. of rum over 2 quarts of brandy/whiskey, but maybe it's the secret ingredient...don't tell anyone.

Anyway, Friday night came and our house was FILLED. Everyone brought great food to share and there was plenty of drinking! A few of my neighbors may have left a little inebriated, but luckily they were walking and not driving! Beauty of neighborhood parties! We even saw a couple neighbors make some snow angels in the fresh snow in our yard. That eggnog is some powerful stuff! And this was a first for us...we only had enough leftover to fill one cup! This was a double batch! We reserved it for my dad so he could get a little taste - he's a fan of this eggnog as well and likes that we make it once a year because he usually gets some leftovers. Usually more than a cup, but beggars can't be choosers.

Saturday morning Mike and I were up by 7am to sell CDs at a local holiday boutique. We finished around 1pm, came home and craved a nap, but we had other things to accomplish. Mainly we got organized to do our Christmas shopping so instead of sleeping we made multiple lists and brainstormed. We left a little before 5pm, grabbed some dinner and power shopped. We have almost every bit of shopping done - at least for my mental listing of things. We'll go over them tonight to make sure. But, I'm so sore I can hardly move. Tracy and I started a new workout on Friday and it's a killer. I hurt everywhere and it isn't getting better, it's getting worse.

It's 11pm now. I'm heading upstairs to sit in a chair. We are going over our list, find out what we need still, then going to sleep. Up at 6:30am for church tomorrow until about noon, then we are coming home and doing nothing that requires movement. To make sure, I bought a puzzle for us to work on tomorrow. Wait until you see it!!!


Kelley and Gary said...

I hope you weren't talking about me when you mentioned "inebriated neighbors", after all, I clearly left too early. I would have loved to witness the snow angels!!! Thanks for everything, had a blast!

Kerry said...

Nope - we'll work harder at getting to enjoy the egg-nog next year! :)

Kerry said...

Getting YOU to enoy the nog...good grief! :)