Thursday, December 4, 2008

Around Europe in 9 Days

This is late in getting posted, but I thought I'd update you on Mike's European travels from a couple weeks ago. For those that don't know, he went to Spain, Germany, Italy, and England. I don't think he was in any place more than two days and he was exhausted when he got home. But despite going for work, he did get to see a few sites.

The trip began in Madrid, Spain. They were really here a very short time and only got to see the city at night. So, there are not a lot of pictures to show for their time here. However, his group did get to go eat at the oldest restaurant in the world. Here Mike bought himself a pitcher for Sangria's. Good for his future bar.

Below is their wine cellar. I'm not sure if the bottles on the right are original to the establishment...

Afterward it was off to Frankfurt, Germany. Mike and I were able to travel here last spring but we stayed in the Marriott in downtown Frankfurt. I'm not sure where this was located, but apparently bringing your wife on a trip doesn't upgrade you to staying in a castle.

Mike's room was pretty nice. The guys he was traveling with liked to meet in there because it was round and I think a little bigger.

Hard to believe such a frilly room was the meeting place for four guys. Below is my favorite picture from here; ornate armoire, feminine picture, frilly vanity with the BEER BOTTLE on top and Mike's boss sitting in front with a pose of defiance against anything girly.

From Frankfurt they traveled by train to Milan, Italy. Mike said they almost didn't make it to Milan. After the train was stopped somewhere for awhile they all decided to head to bed being that they were so exhausted. Mike stopped to asked the waiter if they were still on time to arrive in Milan and the waiter's response was, "Milan? This train isn't going to Milan. We stopped to split the train and this half isn't going to Milan." Apparently it was a whirlwind trying to get off that side and onto the other before the train took off (they'd already been stopped for 10 minutes). It wasn't made easier by the fact that when you board the trains they take your passports. Luckily they did get onto the correct train in time - with passports. Mike was a little disappointed that he didn't stay awake because the train passed through the Swiss Alps and he thought that would have been neat to see.

Again - he didn't get to see much other than at night. Below is a shopping area they were in. He has no idea who the people are in front, but they wouldn't get out of the picture.

From Milan they flew to London. Here they were able to spend the weekend so he got to see a bit more of this city than any others.

Big Ben:
He did see Westminster Abbey but no great pictures exist.

They walked into Harrods - and two minutes later it closed so they didn't see much.

And the palace. He was not invited in for tea by the Queen.

Mike did do some shopping for all of us. He got each of the kids a watch and some candy.
We each got a hat. A particular thrill for me because I love hats. I got three, in fact!
After he got home he did his best to get back on our time frame, but there was about a week of him getting up at 5am or earlier simply because he couldn't sleep any longer. This did help on Black Friday - he couldn't sleep so he went and got some of our Christmas shopping done....and I got to sleep.

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