Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mike's rival

Tonight we got to go see Harry Connick, Jr. in concert at the Orpheum.

[Moment of silence.]

Background: I am a gigantic fan of Harry's. Huge. My best friend, Melissa if perhaps the truly great fan between us, but she lives in Albuquerque and couldn't go to this one. Mike is actually signed up to receive emails from his fan club or whatever announces his concerts just to make sure he doesn't miss his responsibility of getting us tickets whenever there's a concert.

So, a month or so ago when Tracy arrived at the gym and announced that she'd just read in the paper that Harry was coming for a Christmas concert I wasted no time in getting home and interrupting Mike's work-day to tell him this. He hadn't gotten the email. Then I logged into my email and found that Melissa had sent me an early-bird buying opportunity. That Friday Mike got us tickets and I had a whole month of waiting.

Now, Mike thinks that if Harry Connick were to show up at our door and declare his undying love for me that I would absolutely walk out and run off with him. That's so crazy. I mean, really....

...now if Harry were to sing his undying love for me....welllll..........

Anyway, it doesn't matter. He married a Victoria's Secret model years ago (to which Mike replied, "Really? Wow...good job, him. I mean....I'm sure she's smart too....")

The concert was awesome. Started a little slow, but they got their groove and it was just an honestly good time and two-hours of smiling. He's actually very funny in concert and one of the more enjoyable parts, for me, in his humor is that he's SO sarcastic. This may have drawn Melissa and I to him in the early years. He's not above making fun of his audience and there was some crazy lady obsessed with him in the balcony that provided some chuckles for us all.

And balcony people are crazy....oh wait, I've always sat there. Actually, Mike really raised the bar this year. We were a whole balcony section lower. I kid you not when I say that I have been within three to five rows from the top of the Orpheum for every concert. This year we were close enough to actually see facial expressions. I may have had a few choice words (to Mike only) about the six-year-olds that were in the front row. Seriously??? Should be outlawed. You should at least be able to spell the performer's name before getting a front row spot.

But it all came to a close WAY too early. Then we headed to Kincaid's for some appetizers and drinks (hadn't really eaten since 1pm this afternoon....). As we were getting ready to leave the waiter said, "You guys look really nice...did you go somewhere special?" So, I mentioned that we had just seen Harry Connick, Jr. To which the waiter looked at me and smiled and said, "Oh yeah? Was he funny?"

I just looked at him and explained, "He's. A. Musician." And the waiter was all taken aback and of course! He recognized who I was talking about...he'd been thinking of someone else. Mike just looked at the waiter and said, "Well, he was funny too."

The waiter will probably be the guy in the front row at the next concert.

I just hope to be in the next balcony section closer next time with the ultimate goal being the front row before Harry retires. That's right, Mike. Start saving.

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