Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visiting the Big Guy

Sunday after the church festivities (and after we had made Jake presentable again) we headed to Nordstrom's to visit Santa.

There used to be this AWESOME Santa there. He had this gorgeous Santa suit and best of all was fantastic with the kids. We've gone to see him for six years! One year he said to Maddie, "My! You've grown so much this year!" He would ask them what they wanted and listen carefully. Then he would tell them how they had to be good all year long and that whenever they were good, then bells would ring at the North Pole - and he would know. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it would be our house in MARCH and one of the kids would do something that we would commend them on and they would say, "I bet the bells are ringing in the North Pole for me now!" After talking, we'd get our pictures with him - which were FREE because I got to take them - as many as I wanted - then we'd head home.

Notice this is all past tense. We headed to Nordstrom's this year and as we rounded the corner - out comes a Santa. Not MY Santa. Not the beautiful red suit - instead it was a crazy elf shirt, velvet knickers and black shoes with funny socks. I'm a bit of a Santa picture nut - I love these and I have them lined up each Christmas. (This is genetic from my mom - we had to take them with Santa until I was 21! When I got engaged we all had an intervention for her and told her it was the end of the Santa pictures.)

When Mike saw this Santa he did everything he could not to burst out laughing because I stopped in my tracks and shot him a panicked look that said, "Where's my Santa!?!?!" But, it was too late - the kids had seen him so we were stuck there.

He was okay with them. Maybe one too many high-fives for me to connect with him. No story about the ringing bells at the North Pole.

So, next year's goal is to find another Santa. With a real suit. And one who is free.
In other words - Mission Impossible.

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