Friday, December 12, 2008


Most years we try to head downtown to see the Holidazzle parade. For those not in the metro area, this is a parade done four nights each week in December. All the floats are lit up with Christmas lights as are all the characters. I think it's been going on for around 15 years. It really doesn't change much year to year, but it's still a fun tradition for us.

Tonight was the night we decided to go. I think the temp was around 26 degrees - with a windchill of like 19 degrees or something like that. It was cold, but it could have been colder. We had the kids bundled up - Maddie came down and announced she had pants, pajama bottoms, two pair of socks, long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt, plus the snow pants, winter jacket, gloves, boots and hat she was going to wear. I was going to grab a blanket for them to sit on but completely forgot.

We left at 4:55pm for a 6:30 parade. We got to the corner where it starts at about 6:10. People were already lining up, but there was still plenty of spots for us up front. This is a first for us, actually. We normally arrive about five minutes before it starts and end up prodding our kids up to the front while we stand a few feet in the back watching them mostly and missing the parade.

While we were standing in line at Caribou my dad had the fantastic idea of getting their car seats for them to sit on the curb so their tushies didn't freeze off. It worked fantastic and Jake was thrilled when he realized they also had cup holders for the hot chocolate!

And honestly, it wasn't that bad in terms of the cold. I mean - it was cold, but as my dad and I discussed, once you got over the initial shock, it really wasn't terrible. By the end Maddie swore she had frostbite on her toes but they are all still there and of good color. The only downside was that I think we were all definitely ready to have it be finished when we saw Santa's float start moving...then stop. Completely. For almost five minutes it was stopped about a half-block from us. Finally a police officer walked over and came back about a minute later saying someone had proposed on t.v. in front of the float and they were going to be moving shortly. For all our sakes, I hope the girl said yes.

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