Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Girl Thing

When the kids and I went shopping for Mike's Christmas presents, we also decided to get their Christmas outfits - as you've seen in the previous posts. But - I have to tell you about Maddie's dress.

She wasn't really into the whole shopping-for-clothes-adventure that night. We happened to be at Kohl's and I pointed out a dress that I thought was very classy - grown up, but not too much. She said it was okay, but wanted red or something with color. So, we looked a little more, found a couple and just before we went to try them on she decided to give my first dress a try.

It was the first one she tried on - and I'm not kidding that I got a little teary! She just looked so grown up in it - but then SHE lit up when she did a little twirl in the dressing room and it was this great twirling dress! She said so excitedly, "Mom! I'm like that girl in 'White Christmas' - you know where they dance outside and she's in that twirly dress?'" (For "White Christmas buffs - it's the pink dress she's referring to when the boys/girls first meet.) So, she tried on the others, but we were both sold on the first one and couldn't wait to show Mike.

And she twirled for him. And he just smiled - he might have been thinking back to when she was little and she would get such a kick out of her clicking shoes and twirling dresses. He may have been wondering what this cost. I don't know. But, he did smile and told her she looked lovely.

Sunday morning when she got to wear it for the first time she tested it out again -

It's a girl thing.

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