Monday, December 22, 2008

Looking Ahead

Tonight Jake got his haircut. Not normally a big occurrence here, since I do most of the hair cutting in this house. But, Jake announced awhile back that he wanted to grow his hair long enough on top to be able to part it. I wasn't sure if the sides needed to be cut differently, so I took him to the hair place to watch them cut it. Turns out it's even less work than before so I'm good to take over from here.

Anyway - as Maddie sat also getting her hair trimmed, Jake and I were chatting. He was pretty excited with his new look and suddenly we had this conversation:

Jake: Mom...I'll probably have a lot of girlfriends in 2nd grade.
Me: What??? Why do you think that?!?
Jake: I was talking to my friend, Jason, and he told me that in 2nd grade there are a lot of beautiful girls.

It wasn't even that he said the word "beautiful". It was that it was accompanied by a complete change in demeanor for that one word. His eyes kind-of closed, his head came forward and he almost whispered he was really trying to express the phenomenon that is to be second grade.

My eyes made a similar change - except they rolled back in my head and I wondered WHY doesn't Mike get to have these conversations?

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aunt missy said...

I am surprised that he feels second grade girls would be beautiful, does that mean first grade girls are just cute. Of course I'm not encouraging him but that would be my question to him. Good luck.