Monday, October 19, 2009

Dish Washers

For the second time since we bought this dishwasher a little over a year ago it has broken down.  It is a Kenmore Model 665.13742K601 Ultra Wash-Quiet Guard Deluxe.  Do what you want with that information.  I suggest you avoid it like the plague.

This time we think it is the grinder thing but aren't totally sure yet.  But if we run it, it makes this awful sound like it's about to explode and is beginning to give a higher pitched sound of metal on metal. 

Hence, we've stopped running it.

This requires us to go back to 1890 and do dishes by hand.  So, every night after dinner the four of us squeeze into our kitchen.  Mike or I wash and the other three dry and put things away.  We talk about ye olden times and use it as a general history lesson.

Actually we mostly tell Jake to stop playing in the water when he has to rinse off a speck of soap bubbles left on.  Both kids have discovered what they do and don't like to dry.  Jake has an aversion to large plates.  Maddie prefers odd shaped things.

Because last week was MEA, both kids had an opportunity to be the dishwasher after lunches.  We figured this would be a good way to break them into washing without giving them the really dirty, hard to clean dishes that come with dinnertime.  And really, this is one of the reasons we had kids - to do the dirty work.

They did well; no one had to rewash dishes. 

And they will have a fantastic set of "back-when-we-were-younger" stories to tell their children who will probably have a fancy little machine cleaning their dishes.

You we are supposed to have.

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