Friday, October 23, 2009

Sew Fun and Cute!

A few Fridays ago Mike asked what I was going to be doing for the day.  I told him I was thinking I needed to sew something.  I had spent Thursday dusting, vacuuming and picking up.  Then I ironed clothes for 2 hours.  That Friday, domesticity could take a flying leap out the window for all I cared.

The problem was I wasn't really sure what to sew.  I didn't want a huge project that wouldn't get completed and I didn't want to go buy new fabric.  I wanted to try and use what I had.  Now, I like to think I have more creative ideas than I really do.  So, I headed downstairs to go through my fabric remnants and try to figure out what I could piece together with some small scrap quilt patterns I've collected.  This visit to the basement turned into a sorting adventure and the piles in their rainbow pallettes were very pretty all laid out.  However, no ideas were sparked.  But, I'll have to take pictures sometime of all the fabric.  I do plan on using it someday...somehow.

Anyway, I remembered that my mom's friend, Sue, who is a fabulous quilter (quiltress?) had recently given me a little package to make a small quilt.  It came with instructions and fabric that all matched.  Even better is that all the colors matched our new family room colors. 

So what should have taken me about two hours ended up taking me all morning AND afternoon.  Not including binding which I did later that night.  Apparently since I haven't sewn in awhile all my measuring, cutting and actual sewing skills flew out the window with the domesticity.

But I finally finished it.  Again, I thought I could add some flourishes with fancy quilting designs.  Reality laughed in my face.  It just got quilted in straight lines around all the piecing.  I need to practice flourishing I guess.

It's now sitting on the coffee table between our couches.

It normally has something on it - currently it's Halloween decor. 

I thought about moving it somewhere else like here:

But it doesn't have much weight to hang over the edge right so it's back to the coffee table. 

See...big ideas and I don't normally co-exist.  But thanks, Sue, for a fun morning/afternoon project that kept me from going insane with more housework.

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Sue H said...

Any time I can aid and abet in avoiding housework, let me know! And very nice job, by the way.