Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drop Zone

Anyone?  What is wrong with this picture?

"Well," you say, "It seems there's a robe lying right in the middle of the walkway into the family room.  It seems out of place."

You would be correct.  But my kids don't think this is "out of place".

My kids seem to think this is where All-Things-Currently-Unnecessary come to die.

Or they are too tired immediately after school to walk to the opposite corner to deposit the bookbag as their dad has asked them to do repeatedly.  Ad nauseum, actually.

This was taken one morning after they left for school:

This was taken about five minutes after their return:

But then they started branching out to the other side:

And this...I'm not even sure how the blanket was dragged down.  Blankets aren't allowed downstairs unless someone is sick.  We saw the future and knew it would involve piles upon piles of blankets (that and we didn't want blanket babies). 

I don't admit to having the cleanest house.  But I would like to be able to walk into our room without having to step over a minefield.

I wonder if they are just trying to find a way to justify jumping on furniture.  "But mommmmmmm...I didn't want to step on the blanket/robe/bag/homework/books/sweatshirt laying there!"

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