Friday, October 9, 2009

Yard Waste

Friday is garbage day here. Thursday night I pulled out the tomato plants and hauled them to the yard waste receptacle.

In case anyone remembered my mentioning the conjoined twin-tomato that was growing on the vine and thought I was making it up:

This is not a Photoshop trick. It's not even a leaning trick. You saw my previous tomatoes; I didn't have that many perfect ones to waste on mere photo-trickery. If it had all been as good looking as the left, we would have spaghetti-sauced it.

No, these were definitely joined in an area that could not have been operated on:

Another one lost to ventricular disease. And possibly worms. I was too chicken to perform an autopsy to find out.

The good Reverend Jake was unavailable, so I said a few words myself.


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