Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

The other night Mike was working and the kids were left to their own devices.  They are getting to the age where this really isn't that big of a deal.  While I taught, Maddie worked on homework and Jake, after finishing his, played outside.  The rule in our house is that if both mom and dad are working the kids can play outside, but they have to stay in our yard.

Jake was so excited when I finished teaching because his friends hadn't been able to play so he had created a masterpiece on our driveway.  I got done teaching at 7pm so it was pretty black out that night.  However, he couldn't wait to show me.  So we headed out to look at what he'd done with his 4-inch flashlight.  I went back and took pictures the next morning.  He thought it would be a good thing to put on here.

This is the giant, scary pumpkin he drew.  I wish I could have had a ladder to stand on so I'll give you some close-up views.

This is two of possibly three mouths this devouring pumpkin had. 

Yes, that is a nose underneath the bottom mouth.  There were possibly two more noses located around this face.  They all resembled pig noses.  Or electrical sockets.

This isn't a tail.  It's an arm.  You don't want to shake this pumpkins hand.

Below isn't an arm.  This is the bucket of blood that this vampire/pumpkin has managed to suck out of it's victim.

(Bucket of blood??  I swear he mostly watches PBS cartoons.)

This is not a tail.  The would be crazy.  Pumpkins don't have tails.  This is the stem:

He was quite proud of his monster-ocity. (HA!  I'm here all week folks!)

It's a good thing I took pictures yesterday because it's raining.  Unfortunately this pumpkin portrayal will not be the one frightening away the trick-or-treaters as Jake planned.  I'm sure he'll come up with something equally devilish.

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Aunt Missy said...

Way to go Jake with the imagination.