Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being Flaky

I just came across this website.  We've gotten a pretty good amount of the white stuff so far this year, but for anyone in an area that hasn't seen snow, it's a fun way to make your own flakes.  My kids are going to LOVE this!

You start out with your folded triangle and a scissors and you cut out whatever shapes you want. 

(Hint:  The scissors has a dot that is green or red.  When green, just click your curser and it will start the cutting process.  Move the scissor to the next spot to cut and click.  Do this until you have the shap.  When you get back to the edge of the snowflake it automatically snips off your shape.)

"Preview Snowflake" and you see your virtual snowflake appear...

Isn't that cool??

A great way to have the fun of making snowflakes without the mess and possible bandaids should anyone get crazy!  Not that that would ever happen here. 

Don't forget to enter for the free give-away here from me.  Contest runs until Friday at 1pm, Central Time.

And for another fun (and tasty) giveaway, check out my sister's blog here.  Ghiradelli chocolate.  She actually shared a piece with me and it was delicious!  Her contest runs until Friday as well, but I think only until noon.

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