Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Program

Sunday was the Christmas program at church.  This year was a little more traditional than last year that featured our very own tequila-hitting-six-year-old.  But, it still just as enjoyable if not a little less embarrassing.

A few kids volunteered to play some pre-music as people were seated.  Maddie was one of them.  She was reminded of this on Saturday morning at the practice.  I looked at her and she looked at me; she had no recollection of this.  I told her we'd figure it out when we got home.

The program was at 9:30am on Sunday.  This song was chosen at 7:05am on Sunday.  We left the house at 7:10am.  Her first choice was "The Chipmunk Song" and she was disappointed when I told her it wasn't appropriate.  Her second choice was "Jingle Bell Rock".  She finally went to a different book and pulled something that looked a little more church-loving.  "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" was it. 

Each kid also had a speaking part.  The lady in charge of this program doesn't require them to memorize which is great because my kids were only at one of three practices.  We can't even remember to pick out a song to play, I doubt memorizing lines would have been accomplished.

Maddie was an angel.  Jake was Joseph. 

And here's an interesting fact:  When Mike was born his parents named him Joseph.  He was a Joseph for about two days before they decided they didn't like it and changed his name right before the birth certificate was filled out and they left the hospital.

Doesn't that baby Jesus have the most hair you've ever seen on a doll?  Our only concern was that Jake kept leaning against the manger.  It wasn't the most sturdy prop and we watched it sway back and forth under his weight.  We thought for sure baby Jesus was going to go flying across the sanctuary. 

Unfortunately I couldn't get in the whole group.  All the 2-5 year olds are off on the left.  One little boy was picking his nose, two girls were lifting the fronts of their dresses and another was zipping and unzipping his tie while another boy waved frantically and gave the thumbs up to his family.

Gotta love Christmas programs.

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