Monday, December 28, 2009

Eight is Great!

Happy Birthday to Jake!

Last night we gave Jake big good-night hugs because it was the last time we would be hugging him as a 7 year old. 

Here's his picture as he went to bed last night....

And here's his picture this morning!

You can see how the hours have aged him, can't you??

Actually, he doesn't officially turn 8 until 3:02pm. We tried to get him to make us breakfast, do the dishes and clean his room until that time, but he was having none of it.

I was looking through his old birthday pictures last night.  Only dating back to his 3rd birthday when we actually had a digital camera.  Here's one of my favorites:

He had quite the bruise on his forehead.  If I remember correctly he had walked into a wall.  There was also a good chance he was supposed to be having his picture taken that week and it was rescheduled.  That seemed to happen a lot with him.

For this 8th birthday he opted for breakfast at Panera because he loves the cinnamon rolls there.  We also treated ourselves to some Caribou.

Afterward "his" request was to head to Petland to play with the dogs.  Over breakfast we questioned whose idea this was and they finally admitted it was a co-conspiracy.  He went over the rules ("we will leave without a pet and spend no money in that store...") and headed out.

Dinner is pizza while watching the Vikings game tonight.  We'll have a little DQ in lieu of a birthday cake.  And as a special treat he gets to stay up for the whole Vikings game.  Whenever they've played late he's had to head to bed before it finished - they've lost each time.  Maybe he'll be their good luck charm.

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