Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Choke! G-A-S-P!! You Did What?!?

Last week Jake and I were walking down the stairs and he said to me (as casual as can be), "Mom - today I tried carrots at school."

Good thing I was walking behind him because he couldn't see my eyes pop out of my head.  I responded with, "Voluntarily?"  He said, "Yep."

I asked how they tasted.  He said, "Oh....not too bad, actually.  I really should probably eat more of them.  Then I'd see really great at night."

I agreed.  Absolutely he should eat more carrots!  Eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if he wants!  I left out the part about his skin turning orange if he ate too many - this would either propel him to eat them non-stop or stop him cold turkey.

And then, as if his dad and I hadn't suggested this very thing a mega-zillion times he said, "You know, maybe I should try broccoli and green beans too."

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Sue H said...

That's so funny -- one of those WHO-ARE-YOU-AND-WHAT-DID-YOU-DO-WITH-MY-SON??? moments.