Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday Night Lights

It has warmed up some here and the last few days have been in the low 20s!  We usually try to head downtown for the Holidazzle Parade each year and decided Friday night would be a great night to get down there.  We all bundled up and headed out.

We got down there a little early so after staking out our spot, we goofed off. 

This is Jake's current favorite way of wearing his hat.  "Elf Style" as he's dubbed it.

Maddie wanted to take our picture.  Up close you can see that she nailed the focus on the brick wall behind us.  If you stand far enough back, Mike and I start to look pretty good.

The parade started with the Grand Marshall or whatever he's called.  Anyway - it was a Harlem Globetrotter.  I have no idea which one, but Maddie thought it was pretty awesome that he was a "real" basketball player!

The first float is Pinocchio.  This one is fun because it's so brightly lit up.

Next up is the circus train.  I love this one.  I think it's because sometimes this is where I would like to throw my kids when they are acting like animals. 

Next up is a fan favorite - The Minnesota Twins Snowman!

Maddie and Jake love the next lighting phenom...the Metro Transit Bus. 

One of the floats is "Hansel & Gretal".  The float is preceded by volunteers dressed as Hansel and Gretal and this year Hansel came up to the tiny girl in front of us who was about two and said to her, "Oh no!  The evil witch is right behind us!"

Yeah...Merry Christmas to you too, buddy.

And sure enough, along follows the witch's house with her at the front.  I find this creepy year after year and I'm 36.  I hope the two year old handled it better than me.

The witch was followed by Peter Pan's float.  Behind Peter's float walked about six of the cutest little pirahnas you've ever see!  Then Maddie and I debated the authenticity of those little fish. 

Finally Santa's Sleigh came into view which was none too early because at this point (despite my two pairs of socks) my toes were froze.  I was hopping from foot to foot and at points standing with my toes on top of Mike's toes just so the cold ground wouldn't absorb what meager warmth I had left.  I definitely need to get some boots.

Afterward the kids and Mike raced over to this flooded and frozen little area where everyone "skates" in their boots.  I hobbled over and finally caught up with them.  After about five minutes Mike realized it was either he tell the kids it was time to go, or he was going to have to carry me back.

Tracy and I have discussed shopping for boots.  These are definitely high on my priority list now.  I want to skate with the kids next year and get Mike out there.  And take video.

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