Monday, January 4, 2010

8th Birthday #2

Last night we celebrated Jake's birthday with the Minnesota family.  Jake was also fortunate enough to get to attend the Vikings' game with my dad that afternoon.  When dad called a couple days ago to ask Jake if he wanted to go (after Jake has begged to be able to go with grandpa to one of these games) Jake replied, "Well, I don't know...I do have my birthday party that night."  My dad managed to convince him they would be home in time and Jake had an excellent time at the game.

Here's the birthday boy...

You may notice that extra missing tooth.  That's how he rang in the New Year.  At about 12:15am on January 1st he and Mike were wrestling and Jake was on the back of Mike's legs and popped up and said, "My tooth just came out!"  Maddie replied, "Dad!  Your butt must be rock hard!"

Jake got to open presents and does this family know him well....he got almost all Lego sets.

The girls were happy to help him or make sure he got the next present...

Ashley was preoccupied at times with the new boots Katelyn had gotten and with her own new leotard.  It was quite a fashion show.

We also had to have the "spanking machine".  This was invented by my family when we were kids.  Everyone lines up and the birthday boy/girl goes through to get paddled.  We ended up winding all the way around the family room.  Austin spanked Jake and ran to the end of the line to do it again.  Twice.

Then it was time for cake.  Jake bases his cake selection off two things.  1) What is the best toy that he can find that comes on top of the cake and 2) which cake has the most frosting.

One year I would like to get a really great "glowing candle" picture.  I know the concept of how to do it, I've just never been able to accomplish it.  Suggestions are welcome.

This was the best I could do.  Squished on a computer screen it doesn't look too bad.  In real life it's not so pretty.

After the singing Jake had to pause to think of his wish.  It was a very long pause...

"Jake - hurry up - we are getting hungry!"

"Don't move that fast!  I'm trying to get a decent candle shot.  I have a slow shutter!"  (And most people probably think I'm kidding, but that was the actual thought running through my head.  Dork.)

Ellie seemed to enjoy the cake.

A lot.

Only one more party to go with his friends.  It will happen sometime in January.  We haven't actually picked a date yet.  We should probably get a jump on that.

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