Monday, January 18, 2010

If the Slipper Fits...

This past weekend Mike and I had to run to Home Depot to start pricing out things for the laundry room/dog home.  The kids were not happy to tag along, so we decided to let them stay home alone.  It was a good test; we were about 5 minutes away and knew we wouldn't be gone terribly long.

Mike thought it was also an excellent opportunity to put them to work.  So, we informed them they could stay home but one of them had to vacuum and one had to sweep the floor, and each had to get their piano practice done for the day.

We left.

They were going to have some fun with it all.

They decided that if we were going to treat them like Cinderella then they were going to dress for the parts.

Meet Maddie.  She was more the photojournalist princess in this crew.  She was there to document the truth behind the story...

Meet Cinderfella.

He might have enjoyed playing his part too much...

Photojournalist Maddie documented him getting to work.

Cinderfella said the dress kept getting in the way of the work and he was going to trip so he decided it was midnight and he was turning back into himself.

I think Maddie took those so we would know they actually did something.

And then he was exhausted.

Poor baby.  But it worked great and we'll definitely have a list ready for them next time too.  Pretty soon they'll be begging to go on the Home Depot runs with us!


Kelley and Gary said...

so funny. Are you getting a dog?

Missy said...

So that's how you get your house so clean. I will have to try that one. Any dog names yet?