Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Under Attack

Last week it was ridiculously cold here.  The snow crunched when you walked outside and your nose hairs froze on that first breath in.  I think Mike declared "Caribou Days" at least twice, possibly three times.

It was so cold that a couple times in the middle of the night we would hear this thunderous crack from our backyard.  We still aren't sure what was happening, but we are hoping our deck is still attached this spring. 

If not it will be a big leap for the dog when she has to go out.

Anyway - about the time that the kids were supposed to be getting home from the bus, I heard another cracking sound and then another.  But this time they were coming from the front of the house.  I couldn't figure out what it was until I opened the front door...

This isn't our kids waving at me.  They are throwing snowballs at the house.

Specifically they are throwing these snowball/ice balls at the perpetual icicle that hangs from the corner of our entrance. 

It's been their newest game.  They are so excited when they see that an icicle has reformed.

On this day, I think Maddie was the winner in bringing it down.  Then they sit on the ground...the extremely cold ground, and discuss which snowball worked magic.

I think they will be thrilled to learn that this week should be warm enough to melt some snow and cold enough to freeze new icicles.  Let the games begin!

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