Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reno '10 Begins

As I mentioned earlier, we are redoing our laundry room.  Our future puppy will be living in there, and while she will be in a crate at night and when we are gone, eventually (hopefully) she won't.  However, in it's current condition there was only a tiny space above the heating vent for her crate to be and that was only if we chose to move the ironing board to a different room.

[Shudder]  I can't believe I just showed the world that.  That's only a little bit of it.  I couldn't get far enough in the corner to get the other side with the laundry tub that is our greeting everytime we walk in the door.

So, Mike and I sat down together and tried to figure out a good plan for this room.  We've tossed around ideas for the last couple years, so we had a good start.  But we go about things in different ways.  He tends to plan according to size and specs.  I plan according to what styles I like and then assume he can make it happen. 

Here's some inspirations we were looking at:

(image from Pottery Barn)

Whenever we've gone in Parade of Homes houses we've usually been drawn to the mudrooms that featured these type of locker-style built-ins.  But they are kind of pricey.

In searching the other night for ideas, we came across this:

I honestly don't know whose house this is, but it seemed a better fit for our 8x9 room.  We want/need a lot of extra storage and being that this is the main entry point for us, it's where everything gets dropped.  So this is our main inspiration idea.  With completely different colors.

Monday I bought paint.  Yesterday we bought cabinets.

A couple nights ago we finished up every piece of laundry we could find and started emptying out the room.  It looked like this.  Just a few things left to remove.

Our current design looks like this on paper:

That's my anal-retentive husband's work.  I love it.  I really do, I'm honestly not making fun of him.  In some other post I'll make fun of his attention-to-detail tendencies, but not in this one.

Now I'm off to work on a project with my mom (for which I'm already late...).  Here's a hint...

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Anonymous said...

Is "Reno" the name of your new dog? That would be a good one.