Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laundry/Mud Room Update

Catchy title, huh?  It sure is to me!

Let's recap, shall we?

Enough said?

Last I mentioned I believe we had the cabinets sitting in our family room.  I had gone through and removed all the doors and labeled all the pieces so we could put them back together again correctly.  At some point Mike also did the electrical work though I've lost track of what day that happened.  But look at this:

FIVE recessed lights in a room 8x9.  Some may call it excessive but I'm in love with it.  We intended to only have four lights, but we were left with either a hole in the middle of the room or a very bizarre setup of lighting.  Mike doesn't do assymetrical, and I'm not opposed to overlighting a room so five cans it was.  Unfortunately, I shouldn't have any excuse on missing the stains in the laundry now!

Mike worked all day Saturday preparing the walls and whatever he needed to do for that.  He took Monday off to install the cabinets.  My dad came over to help him. 

By Monday afternoon Mike was a little frustrated because he didn't get quite as much done as he had hoped.  There were a few glitches, one being that a cabinet was an entire 1/8" off in size.  This slowed things up.

However, by Monday night (with only a little help from me) he had finished the cabinets.  We are going to have so much more storage! 

The open space below these cabinets will host our washer/dryer.  We were able to move them to a completely different wall which I've wanted to do since we moved into this house.  Whenever we came home, the washer/dryer was one of the first things we saw and it didn't say, "Welcome."  It said, "Get to work!"

Below these cabinets will be a bench and under the bench will be Sadie's crate.


Directly in this corner was our horrendously ugly work-sink.  This was the first thing we saw when we got home.  It just said, "BOO!!!" and I wanted to cry and run away each time.

Today my dad came over and installed the new sink and faucet and soap dispenser.  I told my dad this sink was going to be fancier than the one in our kitchen! 

Honestly, thank goodness my parents are people of many talents.  They've saved us a ton of money on projects (or just completely saved our hides...). We need to make sure we stay on their good sides.

This morning I started priming the cabinets.  It's my job to paint them.  I just went in to finish after teaching and I walked into a cloud of dust.  Mike is sanding the walls.  Looks like I'm off the hook for tonight.

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