Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Little Pooch

On Sunday afternoon we headed down to Minneapolis to see Sadie.  It's been two weeks since we met her and it marks the halfway point to when she comes home with us.  The kids were getting anxious to see her.

Heidi (the breeder) had told me that we wouldn't believe how big she had gotten.  Heidi said Sadie was definitely the alpha dog of the group.

They had all gotten bigger, but what Mike and I noticed most was how much lighter Sadie and her matching brother, Turtle, had gotten. 

Tutle is the runt of the litter (and Sadie's twin in color).  He's so much smaller than the rest of the puppies.  But he's a scrapper.  Here is Sadie trying to show him who is boss...

All the puppies were going strong until right before we left.  Then one by one they all started to fall asleep.  We left so Sadie could take her nap too and the family living there could catch a break of quiet before the next round of visitors came to invade their home.

See you in two weeks, Sadie!  The laundry room makeover is well underway for her, me, us and I'll have more of that tomorrow.


Sheri said...

She is so unbelievably adorable!!! She doesn't even look real. I am really excited for all of you. :)

Missy said...

I bet the kids are getting anxious but sounds like you are too. Can't wait to meet her. She looks adorable.