Monday, January 11, 2010

Party Results

It's been a crazy weekend for us and things are hopefully starting to slow down now in twenty-ten.


I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, Friday was our card party.  Our annual card party that we had to reschedule from December twenty-oh-nine 2009 - the one we made the eggnog for.  (And by the the end of the night we only had about a quart of eggnog left.  This crew also drank 2 1/2 cases of beer and some cider and pop and Cinnamon Shnapps.  What can we say...we were all thirsty.)

It's a fairly simple set-up.  This year we only had six tables.  Last year we had eight tables of players.  This year we set up with three tables upstairs and three tables in the basement.

Everyone comes with either an appetizer or dessert.  We had tons of great food on both levels.  I, unfortunately, only got a picture of our snowman that holds the hot cider.

Isn't he cute? 

This year we didn't even need to play a practice round.  It's the first year we've skipped that so everyone grabbed their plates of goodies and got down to business.

I'm sorry, Rob.  I thought everyone was smiling.

This year we got in five rounds of play!  We always award prizes to the player with the most points, and the player with the least points.  This year the player with the least points, Pete lost with a dismal 230 points.  That's not even a full game.  We told him that we thought he needed to take up a new game so we awarded him a game of checkers.

The winner this year was Chris.  He won with around 2600 points!  First he received the winning crown which he will get to keep until next year's party.  His prize package also included a Caribou gift card.

Then he signed the official document that all past royalty has signed.  It's what makes everything legit.

Chris and his Queen, Katie.  She said there was going to be no living with him now.

Katie drove home.  Chris said he would walk and wave to his peasants as he passed them by.

"Next year's" party will go back to December of two-thousand-ten.


I'll let you know by then.

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Kelley and Gary said...

My hubby may have had something to do with the egg-nog disappearing....