Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fools

Maddie told me she wanted to play a joke on Jake for April Fool's.  She set his alarm for 11:59pm so that he would get woken up and then it would be the last joke of the day.

Just as Mike and I were getting ready to fall asleep we heard Jake's alarm start going off with this loud beeping sound.  We sat there and listened and heard nothing but the beeping.  About a minute later we listened and heard this muffled radio go off.  We sat there for another minute without hearing a single movement.

Mike got up and went in Jake's room where Jake was out cold.  Mike woke him up saying, "Jake...turn off this thing."  Jake awoke and said, "Huh?!  What's wrong with this thing? It must be broken."  He turned it off and went right back to sleep.  Next he went in Maddie's room and there she was sleeping soundly while her radio played.  He woke her up.  She didn't say anything, but turned it off and went back to sleep.

Mike got back to our room and said, "Guess we know who the joke was really on."

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