Friday, April 23, 2010

Training the Next Generation

Sunday afternoon Mike and Jake worked on getting the lawn mower prepared for the summer ahead.  Jake loves doing anything with Mike that involves anything with tools.  And now - pouring oil?  Sign this kid up!

Soon I heard the lawn mower revving up and caught this action in the backyard:

They had already completed the front yard and were on the home stretch of the backyard.

Everytime they got to the hill on the side of the house Mike would make a sound like he was revving an engine and he and Jake would take off running to get up the hill.  At one point they got to the top and Mike told Jake, "That was all you, man!  You got it up there yourself!"  Jake's grin was a mile wide.

Then they got to the back and I heard, "Just make sure you watch out for...


I think Mike has started a countdown for when he can retire from mowing the grass.  But he walked most of the way helping Jake one-handed.  Mike said his arm was so sore the rest of the night.  I guess that's the price you pay to train good help.

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