Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ode to Grass Stains

Welcome back, my dear old foe
I can’t say that I missed you.
I enjoyed my winter holiday
But Spring has come on cue.

And so begins our little tryst –
Our game of mouse and cat.
You stain the knees of my kids’ pants
With “Shout” I do combat.

Each stain is different, some are light
They come out in one spin.
But others are the deepest greens -
They’re like an evil twin.

It’s these I hate especially;
The ones I wash and spray…
And wash and spray and wash again
One pair can take all day!

Here I cry out in despair,
"You are so very cruel!"
You stain pants that are way too short
But must last through end of school.

So I have to wash those pants again -
I just cannot compete!
You lure my kids to hit the ground,
Slide, roll and then repeat.

Come summer I will hardly care
If you should try to please.
Shorts will be the newest fad...

And then I repair knees.


Carol said...

Very clever!

Sheri said...

That was awesome!! I can honestly say that grass stains have never compelled me to write poetry, but GOOD JOB!! Laundry Tip: Remember, I had Andrew. Put jeans in the washer at night with the detergent, and Clorox II, and warm water. Agitate for a few minutes, then turn off the machine and let them soak over night. In the morning, restart the time and the stains should be gone.