Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recognize Her?

This morning Sadie had her first haircut.  We weren't sure what to expect and I probably sounded like a complete moron when the groomer asked, "How would you like her hair cut?" and I replied, "Ummm...I've never owned a dog so I really don't know what the options are."

Remember a couple days ago?

Scruffy.  Honestly though, I really liked her hair this length.  I only felt bad that she was probably blind.

This is who greeted the kids after school:

She can see again!  Actually we all think her eyes look huge. 

She lost all the black off her back.  There's still some left on her tail.  But the first thing Mike and I couldn't believe was how much lighter she looked.  We expected it, but it was still surprising.

She got a little bandana to wear from the groomer.  Maddie thinks this is awesome.  Maddie and I both really love her paws too.  We're weird.

The new 'do is growing on me, but I won't mind if it gets a little longer.  We are shocked at how much smaller she looks!  Seriously - I think she's half the size she looked with all that fur!

In the day's other news, I started a new project!  It involves this:

I intended to get so much done today but ran into snafu's like not having a table saw or having slightly warped wood, and mostly not knowing where any of Mike's tools/jigs/bits were hidden stored.  After lunch Mike and I assembled his table saw and I got to work.

I drilled these holes for the shelving units.  I also got one of the bottom pieces started and Mike helped get a lot more accomplished on it tonight. 

Tracy is coming over tomorrow to help put everything else together.  Well....maybe not everything but we are certainly going to give it our best shot!  I'm so excited to get these built...wait until you see what we put together!


Sheri said...

Sadie looks adorable. She looks like a little girl with a personality all her own again. Cute cute cute!! At least you aren't picking wood ticks off from scrotums! lol I had reached my wood tick quota last week, and today I surpassed it big time. Rumor has it they are out in full force, and I believe it. Be happy you are in town in a controlled environment. Can't wait to see the project.

Sue H said...

Sadie is looking soooo cute! Looking forward to seeing the project. I love it that you and Tracy don't just stay in the kitchen, wearing an apron and pearls. You go, Girls!!!

The Pats said...

Sadie is as cute as ever - short hair and all. Can't wait to see the finished product - even though I got a little "tip" on what it's suppose to be.

Carol said...

Sadie is adorable, I love the short cut. Are you and Tracy hiring out?