Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to Reality

Today the kids headed back to school.  Yesterday Mike and I started back to our jobs.  Ho hum.  Another spring break come to an end.

But it was a really great one!  We actually did things which, though talked about, doesn't always happen.  Spring break this year included not one but two day trips.  The second trip happened halfway through the week.  We headed to Nerstrand, MN where there is a state park.  We though we should get Sadie used to driving in a car, so we took her along.

An hour later, upon reaching Northfield, she had thrown up three times.  Good memories.

But we did get out and enjoy our delicious Jimmy John's picnic lunch.  Afterward we took a walk to the Hidden Falls.  Another record: we actually saw TWO water falls in one week!

We took Sadie on this walk too. 

Man and beast conquering nature.

Mike only carried her over extreme mud puddles.  And this trail was long.  Unexpectedly it was also extremely hilly.  We were all huffing and puffing by the end.  The good part was that Sadie was so exhausted on the way home that she slept (read: no puking).

The rest of the week involved a day outside cleaning up the yard for spring and opening the pool.  During a shopping trip we actually found a bike that Maddie liked (and got an AWESOME deal on it!) and went for our first bike ride in a long time.  We got as far as the community center before the wind really started blowing and Jake gave up trying to push through it.  Maddie assured us she had felt two drops of rain so we headed home.  Jake later told us it was probably 10 miles that we biked.  It wasn't - my guess is 2-3 miles - but my hiney felt like it was 10!

It was just one of the nicest weeks we've had in a long time.  We spent a lot of time together doing fun things and we still all got to do some of our own things that made us happy too.

It definitely made us anxious for summer to start.  Unfortunately Mike and I won't be able to take it all off, but hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in a day here or there to have some repeat fun together.

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stl82 said...

Did Sadie ride backwards? Our dog used to puke until we physically turned him to face front. Dogs...