Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beer - Series Finale

On Saturday Mike opened one of his bottles of beer.  Most have been sitting in the boxes carbonating.  He kept a few upstairs for easy access and possibly to watch.  I'm not sure what he was watching for, but Saturday was the lucky day.

I simply said, "Is it carbonated enough?"

He proceeded to expound upon the science of it and what happens when...and..."

All I heard was the teacher voice from Charlie Brown.

Then I said, "How does it taste?"

He said, "Not bad."  Then offered it to me to taste.  He's secretly hopeful I'll someday find a beer I like.  It would make our date nights much cheaper.

I tried it.

It tasted like beer.

So, if you like beer and happen to stop on by, we'll be happy to offer you a tall cold one.

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