Thursday, April 8, 2010

Purple Pain

Yesterday Jake came home from school and told me he hurt his finger in gym.  When I went to take a look, it was SO swollen.  I thought his little fingernail was going to pop off from the pressure.

We got ice on it, and I told him to go show Mike to see if we needed to take him to the doctor.  We decided against it and Jake kept his finger on ice for the next few hours.

At dinner we asked what happened in a little more detail.  He was in gym class and they were lifting weights.  He lifted them above his head and his weights came together and smashed his finger in between them.  I asked him if he cried (I would have).  He said, "No, I didn't.  I was a man about it."

This morning his finger is slightly less swollen, but no less painful.  It looks like this:

Everytime we asked Jake to see his finger, he would flip us the bird.  Unintentionally, of course, but it made us chuckle each time.  This morning before heading downstairs to work Mike told Jake to make sure he wasn't showing everyone his finger in school and just left it at that.

On the way to school Jake told Maddie of his latest dilemma with this finger situation.  Last night while trying to play the Wii he couldn't figure out how to push the buttons when he had to use a nunchuck because it hurt so much.  I suggested he maybe lay off the Wii for a couple days.

He actually whimpered louder than when we first poked and prodded his finger to examine it.

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