Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Batter Up!

Jake had his second to last baseball game last night. It was an unusual game though - it started out as a BYE. However, the coaches went around and formed another team - with the parents! So it was the kids against the parents (or in our family's case - the parents and grandparents!).

It was a blast! I wasn't sure how it was going to go - would the parents go easy on them? Would we go too easy? Would we forget that and go all out? So, I drifted out to the outfield and waited to see how it played out. Turns out it was a mixture of all that! Most parents didn't have mitts so they were trying to play with their 7 year old's mitt. Others bare-handed it. A couple parents caught some fly balls - one mom made a double play all by herself. In the last inning she one-upped herself by making a triple play by herself. I don't think that was intentional though. We were yelling for the runner to run back and she was trying to give him time, but it was either be obvious and stand right next to him and wait for him to move or get him out since he wasn't running back.

The kids got REALLY into - and I honestly think it was the best they had ever played! They got us out and really made some good plays. The kids even got to pitch to us which they thought was cool. Mike managed to get Jake out at 1st base - but Jake matched him by getting Mike out at 3rd a few innings later.

And, yes, my parents played too. Mom made some good hits - the first was a line drive that almost took out the 7 year old pitcher. Running wasn't so great for her. Sandals and she's still nursing a severe sprain from the beginning of summer. Dad managed to get a nice bunt - though I don't think it was intended. Hard to hit a slammer with a bat that is shorter than your arm. But, he did manage to eventually make it all the way around the bases which is more than the rest of us can say.

Nearing the end of the game, mom wanted to know who was buying afterwards. Dairy Queen...not beer (though that may have been welcome!) The kids led right up until the end and in the last inning they got us out and we ended with a tied game 12-12.

Unfortunately this was the one game lately that I haven't brought my camera so you'll have to take my word for how fun this looked and was! Afterward we headed to Dairy Queen and celebrated successes!

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