Friday, July 18, 2008

Middle of the Night Heart Attack

A couple days ago Jake complained of his stomach hurting. But, he didn't feel sick - like pukey, just his stomach hurt. It lasted a couple hours and he was out playing ball and with friends shortly after that. Yesterday morning I banished the kids to their rooms to clean the messes; I wanted to be able to see their floors again. I went downstairs and started cleaning up the messes down there - the house has been neglected lately.

Maddie came down about 30 minutes into cleaning and said, " should see Jake..." and I cut her off by asking if she was about to tell on him to get him in trouble. (She's been doing that A LOT lately.) She said no and started laughing and told me to come upstairs. Well, it was about 9:30am and we walked into Jake's room to see him curled up on his bean-bag chair with his favorite blanket draped over him and he was sound asleep.

So much for cleaning, but I figured the few late nights he's gotten to have lately had caught up with him. During lunch I looked at him and he looked exhausted; Maddie looked a little tired too, so I informed them that it was mandatory nap afternoon. Jake didn't bawk at all - Maddie put up a slight fight, but not much (especially after I promised her I would take one too - she definitely didn't want me to be having any fun if she was asleep!) On the way upstairs Jake said, "Wow! I am a tired boy today! You might just wanna check on me a couple times because I'm going to be WIDE ASLEEP!" And he was out in a matter of minutes and slept for over 3 hours only to wake up crying because his stomach hurt. I called the doctor because this was weird for him and got him an appointment for this morning at 8:30am. The rest of the day was fairly smooth - no further complaints from Jake.
Forward to 3:45 am. I woke up to a blood-curdling scream. I've never heard either kid like this and I bolted up and tried to get coherant. I shoved Mike in the back who woke up thinking a burglar was in our house and he's jumping around. By this time I'm around the bedroom and running down the hall yelling for Jake that I'm coming. In those 10 seconds all I could think was that he had an appendix rupture or something - not any good thoughts, I assure you. Turns out it was a really bad dream mixed in with a 100.4 temp. Not terribly serious for temps, but it took about 10 minutes to get him calmed down. Only to repeat the procedure less than an hour later, only this time he was crying on the steps, and another 30 minutes later he was in the bathroom crying. I finally gave up and slept next to him on the bed until Mike got up around 6:30 for work.
So, I was very happy to hear at 8:30am that he had strep (only because it's fixable)! I was pretty sure after he said good morning to me that he had it - he's definitely got that "strep" voice! He's spending the day lounging on the couch and thinks it's totally cool that we're letting him watch movies all afternoon AND he got out of running a million errands with Maddie and me.
Maddie has her own set of problems though - Wednesday she fell and scraped her knee pretty good on the road. We managed to clean it up and it's starting to scab. But, this morning after delivering the mail to the mailbox she came in crying. Seems she stubbed her toe on the road outside and took off an amazing chunk of skin. Her birthday slumber party is tonight complete with swimming. Mike told her she should sit and do nothing until then so that she lives to see it. It seems like everyone's falling apart!


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