Thursday, July 24, 2008

You do the math

When I woke the kids up at 8:30am and Maddie saw me in my workout clothes she immediately started saying she didn't want to go to Playworks (the place the kids are allowed to play while I workout). She just didn't like Playworks because basically it is so boring. Now, this place has tons of computers with games, quite a few video games and a giant play-system that they can climb around on. I gave them options of either riding their bike around outside with me where it's hot for 3 miles while I walked or going there. She gave up and said she'd go to Playworks.

So I met my sister there to walk and was telling her about Maddie's laments. I told Tracy I thought Maddie was being a bit dramatic because whenever I pick her up she's either running around or coming up to meet me with a smile on her face. Tracy said she about to "out" Maddie if I fell for that because whenever she'd seen Maddie there it was pretty apparent Maddie was having fun.

So today I picked them up and there was Maddie telling me about the games she had played and so forth. It seemed like this morning was a success and she did "secretly" have a good time.

Jake waited until Maddie was finished with her story before he excitedly told me what he'd been up to:

"Mom! For half the time I played video games. Then I played on the computer for half the time. After that I played on the slides for another half!"

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