Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

What a great day! The early part of the day everyone did their own thing - Mike worked in the basement, I worked on some of my projects and the kids played with friends. At 3pm we headed over to my parents' house for a BBQ and some swimming.

My parents' are professional pool accessory collectors. When the kids arrived they immediately asked grandpa to blow up the large whale - I didn't even remember my dad having this, but out it came. And grandpa kept them rocking -and tipping - for quite awhile.

After swimming we had a delicious meal that mom and dad prepared. Maddie and Jake had received that mysterious note to head to the library and when we got there the librarian had a message that they were supposed to get a magic book and learn 3 tricks each by the end of the week. The kids provided the after-dinner entertainment by performing one trick that they had each learned.
Maddie had her wrists tied together and after saying the magic words "abracadabra - peanut butter" she was able to make a bracelet that I had handed to her appear linked on the rope!

Jake amazed us by pouring water through a tube and into a cup - but the cup was empty afterwards! Then he poured the water out of the tube and into a separate cup and it had turned green! We were all impressed but they stuck by the magician's creed, "never tell your secrets" so we don't know how they did this!
We got home, changed and the kids lit some sparklers and ran around - then we headed off to watch the fireworks at Valleyfair. Mike was able to find a parking lot that we had sat in a couple years ago. We liked it because it was quiet - there weren't any people around us so the kids could run around while we waited and there were no smokers like last year! As a bonus it's way faster to get out of this area than where we were last year.
By nights' end Mike was miserable from being around dust and outside all afternoon so he headed inside and the kids and I walked down the road to see some fireworks that the neighbors were shooting off. By the time we got back inside, took some showers and watched more fireworks from our room it was 11:30. And Jake summed up the night by telling me before bed, "I love the fourth. I really enjoyed it. Happy Birthday, America."

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