Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wrapping Up Baseball Season

Tonight was Jake's last game. It's going to be quite something next week when Monday and Wednesday nights are FREE!

Jake did a great job tonight. Normally the rules only allowed the kids to take one base at a time, but tonight they let the kids run as many bases as their hit got them. Jake had some really good up at bat times. His second hit the ball went right toward first and he took off. He was safe - but barely. He couldn't stop saying all night, "I can't believe I was safe at first!" In outfield he played first base and managed to get catch a throw from infield and get the runner out! Then it was his last at bat. As a mom I sat there thinking, "Please don't let this be a bummer hit or getting out right away!" It was one of Jake's best hits of any game! Whew!

It's been really interesting to watch these kids improve over these last couple months! I know Jake has gone from barely being able to catch the ball to really going after it and sometimes even catching it! He's learned how to hit a ball the right way and how to throw and make sure the ball goes where it's supposed to. Now, I'm not saying the majors are calling us up tomorrow to recruit him, but he's definitely improved and he's had a ton of fun these last couple months doing it. We were really lucky in that he had three great coaches that took their time with each kid to help them improve, but were also really encouraging. The parents on the sidelines were the same way - no overeager parents wanting to jump down anyone's throats if the play wasn't great. I'm sure that will come in time, but it's nice to see good sportsmanship when you hear so many bad stories. It was really a fun way to spend an evening.

Afterward we headed to Dairy Queen where Jake was incredibly thrilled to get a MEDIUM Blizzard - not just a small! When Mike mentioned how great this day had been - he had a great game, and he got a medium Blizzard Jake said there was only one way it could have been better - if it had been a LARGE.

Walking up to the ball field we were the first to arrive. Jake had been practicing his slides at home - in the family room - and told us, "I think I'm going to go practice slipping on the dirt." So, while he's definitely improved this summer, there are still a few things to learn.

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