Friday, July 11, 2008

New Look!

I was recently at a Bunco party; some of the ladies in my neighborhood meet once a month to play and gab. Anyway, this one was more gabbing than playing and two of my neighbors and I all started talking about our blogs and Jessi mentioned how a lady had given her a website that explained how to customize the look of your blog. Jessi is starting a new business (see it here) for party supply collections she's designed and is really busy so she didn't have the chance to redo her website, but said the directions looked really easy. Kristy and I were all gung-ho to give this a try.

I've been working on this for two solid nights at least. Last night was me basically begging Mike for help. I just couldn't figure this HTML stuff out and what I wanted wasn't working. He informed me that he didn't know anything about it and I told him he absolutely did and if he'd try I knew he'd figure it out.

I love being married to such a computer wizard! I think he actually relished the challenge of figuring this stuff out and I was so excited when he did. Then I changed one little number on the HTML stuff and a whole new set of problems appeared. I was deathly afraid to press my luck, but after the fifth loud "sigh" from me he finally broke down and asked what the problem was. Then he came over and was able to tell me how to fix that one too in a matter of minutes.

So now this blog is truly a work from both of us. And driving home last night he was making fun of me again - this time for how I talked (being from Minnesota). But, since he was so incredibly great about helping me, I'll leave any further postings of high school pictures for future revenge.


Jess said...

Way to go Kerry! Now I know who to come to next time I have trouble with mine! (I mean Mike, right?!)


Anonymous said...

I like the new look but I love reading all about the family! Love, Mom